Our story

Our story begins in the 1990s at Arthur Andersen (now Accenture) where the four of us started our careers.  In May of 2011, after 30 years of friendship and with a guiding principle of “friends first”, we combined our entrepreneurial spirit and love of beautiful things to open Quartet. Our mission was to bring unique, affordable home décor, personal accessories and gifts to our community.  Five years later, when the retail space next door became available, we brought our passion for fashion to the business by expanding the boutique and introducing apparel and baby gifts to the product mix.   

Today, Quartet is filled with distinctive home furnishings, tabletop items, personal accessories, and gifts as well as a varied collection of fabulous novelty apparel, jewelry, and baby gifts.  Our goal is to keep up with the trends in both fashion and home décor and keep the merchandise fresh and new so our customers have a great selection whenever they visit.   We bring our collective differences in style and décor to choose unique items at a value price point and strive to make Quartet a shop where whatever your style, you will find something that meets your needs.  

To enhance your experience, we have an amazing group of women from the community who have joined the Quartet family on a part-time basis and have aspiring young entrepreneurs from Chatham High School who have interned with us and later returned for summer employment after leaving for amazing colleges. Our team fosters a welcoming atmosphere where you can look for something special and run into friends and familiar strangers with each visit. The relaxed, helpful, and community-minded shopping environment that we have created is something of which we are especially proud. 

 Immerse yourself in Quartet and be inspired!